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Wheels and Axles

Wheels are round machines that help a vehicle to turn. They reduce friction and are used in a variety of applications, including transporting people and objects.

Wheels and axles make it possible to move heavy objects, such as cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Moreover, they reduce the need for labor. However, they aren’t the only mechanical devices that use wheels.

Wheels can be made from metal or wood. In some cases, they may have panels that make the ground-contact area flat. A wheel with a bigger contact patch will have better traction, while a smaller wheel will be easier to turn.

Wheels and axles are easy to maintain, and they help make it possible to drive, walk, or run on a wide variety of surfaces. Forged or cast wheels are available, and they can be cleaned and repaired. Cast wheels are more porous and susceptible to structural problems when they’re used in extreme situations.

Forged wheels have inherent strength. In addition, they can be finished or drilled for mounting. This allows for a greater range of designs. Two-piece wheels are generally made from a rim and a spoked centerpiece. These wheels are generally less expensive to manufacture and can be easily repaired.

The origins of wheels go back to the prehistoric era. Early versions of wheels were wooden disks with a hole for the axle. Small wheeled artifacts have been found in Mexican archeological sites.

The earliest evidence of wheeled vehicles is from 3400 BCE. Evidence of wheeled movement is also found in Northern and Southern Caucasus.